Alumnae Myths

Myth #1
Alumnae Sisters are all old (or young)! Who will I have to talk to if I come to an event?

The San Diego Alumnae has been around since 1931. Our membership represents an astounding range of interests, careers, ages, and geographic areas so you are certain to have an instant connection with a San Diego sister and that there will be someone your age to talk with!

Myth #2
I can’t afford to pay my dues!
Regular dues are less than a ticket to a concert, professional sports game, or theme park!  It is a member’s option to contribute more to AOII Foundation funds!

Myth #3
Between soccer practice, my career, church, other social responsibilities, I just don’t have time for AOII!

The San Diego Alumnae Chapter understands that AOII events will hold differing levels of immediate importance to her members depending on their stage in life. Our interest groups and multiple monthly event choices allow our sisters to be more or less involved with the Chapter as their lifestyle permits. Paying annual dues does not obligate you to attend any functions or participate at any level. By paying your dues, you are supporting the fraternity’s growth and continued success.

Myth #4
I can’t make a difference! Who wants my opinions or ideas?

You can make a difference and we want your opinions and ideas! Contact us at!